girl crush: Daphne Guinness.

I'm really into weird people who do weirdly outlandish things and get away with it. Only, these people aren't so weird to be because I get them. I want to be them. Daphne Guinness is one of these people.

That's Guinness as in heir of the Guinness brewery fortune. Just in case you didn't know.

Daphne is a socialite (naturally), stylist, and probably about the coolest person on the planet seeing as she has a couture and art collection that rivals anyone on the planet, and a style that is uniquely all her own. Her sister Cathrine Guinness use to hang out with Andy Warhol on the regular which only makes Daphne WAY cooler if not by association alone.

Word has it that Daphne is creating a signature scent that is to be sold at $140 a pop (yowza!). For some this may seem like a lot, but for a lot of women, who want to have a piece of this maven of style, this is not a lot at all. What recession again?
“For me, [scent] is time travel. It takes you away from the everyday and you are transported to something in your past. It’s a very mysterious thing. It’s magic.”


  1. Having a girl-crush on DG is totally cool. She's just fabulous.

  2. sounds truly interesting, if you ask me. there are the offspring of big wigs in many industries who come out duds, and then there are others who run with it and make the most of it. good girl crush.! ;)


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