kanye & his stripper friend

I'm not one to judge (Ok maybe a little, and only when it's funny), but lets face it, Kanye's latest arm candy is in fact a reformed stripper. A well known one at that. My first instinct in learning of her and actually seeing her, was to scream HOE at the top of my lungs but then I thought for a moment. Who am I to say whether or not she's appropriate for Martin Louis the King Jr? I guess if he finds her worthy of her time, she must be special.
The more I look at her, the more I see her beauty. She's got an amazing body and a nice little style about her, so do wtf you want Kanye. No hate here...

On a sidenote though. Does anyone else think her style is influenced by the fashionista Kanye West, or was this just something she came up with on her own? Hmmmm...

Pics via Concrete Loop.


  1. Leave it to yeezy to pick such a female. But she's gotta have some substance I imagine if he's gonna pick her...

    And I think he helps influence some of her style.

  2. I don't even k now what to say....she must give good head lolllllllllllll [j.k]

  3. Van. I second that opinion whole heartedly.

  4. she is kinna badass tho dee. if i had to be a stripper, i'd want to look like that lol

  5. she's pretty. but idk about the US Army buzz cut shes got goin on. lol

  6. I think she is hot. However, I don't think she acquired her sense of style herself.. I think it all came about when Kanye entered the scene.

  7. I personally think she's gruesome... I do not think she's hot at all-with him being Kanye West and all, what's keeping him from cherry-picking an actually naturally pretty girl with a brain too?

    The bitch has had major work done and furthermore she's a money hungry blood sucking whore. THUMBS DOWN, KANYE


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