kanye & his stipper friend. part dos.

I'm like infatuated with these two. I have no idea why or what it is that draws me to them, but whatever it is...the force is STRONG.
Here is Yeezy and his stripper friend Amber Rose (that is SO a stripper name) leaving the Jeremy Scott Fall Winter 2009/2010 fashion show in Paris.

Chicks style is sick, but I can't help thinking 1) give me those Louboutins NOW, and 2) her steez has got to be influenced by this man something wicked. I can only imagine the type of stuff he's put her onto. Whatever he's doing, it's working because mami is one fierce kitty, army buzz cut and all.

I'm still and will always be team Alexis. Get some.


  1. I'll always be team Alexis aswell... however this chick is HOT. Totally his little project though.

  2. this chick is HOT, no doubt about it! but ergg i dont even want to imagine his porn filled mind and her stripper past togethere lol! I sometimes dont even notice kanye when amber is next to him because her style is always on point!


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