c milian: you can do better.

Dear Christina Milian,
YOU ARE TOO GOOD FOR THIS SHIT. Words cannot explain my disappointment in viewing this fuckery via TheYBF. I'm so upset that you decided to take your hair in a direction it was obviously never meant to go, by dying it the blonest blond a mixed race woman should NEVER wear. Whatever happened to the black haired beauty that use to date Nick 'Mariah's ball tickler' Cannon? I guess when you start dating The Dream (side eye) shit changes huh? I know your career is on the rock, but DAMN...forreal? Bring the old Christina back!!

With nothing but love...
The Broke College Student


  1. Haha All you can do is shake your head.

  2. yikes! I like her glass though=)

  3. noooo!!! her other blond was ok! but this is to much!

  4. agreed.
    & thanks for adding me between your daily fix!! :) found u between my stats.


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