bitchassness behavoir.

Word on the street is that my baby daddy Kid Cudi is quitting music once his much anticipated album and a collabo with Chip the Ripper drop. FAIL.
Here's his Kanye like rant, via his blog...

This news annoys/confuses me in various different ways. One because his music impacts more people than he truly knows. I just don't understand how people can't just focus on entertaining and appreciating their fans. Why artists want to quit so quickly when the business side of music gets difficult is beyond what I can comprehend. There are SO MANY unknown artists that would LOVE to be in this guys shoes, so I can't see how he'd want to quit so quickly. Be grateful for what you have, and remember the struggle that you went through to get where you are, that's what get's me through the bullshit...


  1. Wow! i was not expectin some shit like this from him

    i guess.

    We still got drake tho!


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