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Merry Happy - Kate Nash
Believer - Christina Milian
Just a Prayer Away - Yolanda Adams

I'm terrified about this year. I know that I should be excited because it's a new year, and new things are going to come about, but I can't shake the feeling that this year is going to be one of the most challenging years of my life. Why? Why am I so apprehensive about 2008? What makes it so scary to me? I'm not sure, but I hope that I'm strong enough to make it through to see 2009...

Nothing new is going on this way. School is about to begin and I've got mixed feelings about it. Usually I'm excited for a clean start, and a new semester. It's usually filled with wonderful learning experiences, about myself and also with the new curriculum I'll be learning. I think I'm feeling weird because this semester will make or break me in my educational career. Plus, I think I'm old, so new semesters just mean that I'm that much closer to fulfilling a goal I've been working on for what seems like forever...I just kinda want to be done with it already...

I like Kent. I like my school and the people I've surrounded myself with. I'm proud of my accomplishments here, and what I've achieved, but my surroundings are beginning to get old. Nothing about Kent excites me anymore. People bring about unnecessary drama, and schoolwork is getting increasingly harder and more taxing. I need something to put the pep back into my step. Lord knows I hope I find it, and SOON.

I'm into music. WAY into music. Any and ALL music. I think that God speaks to me through music. As weird as that sounds, it's consistently proven to be true. I can always find a song or a lyric that speaks to me in any mood that I'm in, so I'm always up on new artists or new genres. Today I found this UK phenom named Kate Nash. She's pretty sweet. She reminds me a lot of Feist with an Amy Winehouse twist. If you don't know who either one of those artists are please check them out because they're freakin amazing! Anyway, Kate's song Merry Happy is THE coolest song ever. Please check out her myspace and support! www.myspace.com/katenashmusic

Remember kids..."Reach your hand up and you can play with the stars. It's not the hand you're dealt, but how you play with your cards. Boyy!" -Ludacris (Grew Up a Screw Up)

D'Onna LeSean

Check this out! It's Salt from Salt n Peppa on Def Poetry Jam...Her poem was entitled "We Follow Your Lead" It's pretty deep...Get inspired!

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