Forgive & Forget

Forgivness is a powerful tool...
And it's a beautiful thing...

I'm not spotless. I've done things and done things that I'm not proud of. I've told people off, written them out of my life, and have never spoken to them again. But unlike some people, I'm able to recognize when I'm wrong and correct my mistakes.

I love my friends more than a lot of things. They are the reason I'm not as crazy as I could be =). They provide stability, and a shoulder to lean on when needed. These last few months I've been learning who my true friends are and why they're so important to my life. And although the friendships I thought would last a lifetime haven't completely with stood the storm of time, I'm still grateful for the ones that have.

You came into my life sent from above,
When I lost all hope, you showed me love,
I'm checkin 4 you, you're right on time...
Angels of Mine...

D'Onna LeSean

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  1. i feel what you're saying D. it's very insightful. please write more. remember to keep your goals and positive thoughts ahead of all else. i am always going to be here, along with a few others, and i can only say that to a few people who i really care about. i cannot wait for the future, i know it is going to be bright, but we have to get there and enjoy the process, because tomorrow is not promised to you or me or anyone. its 2008, my intuition says some of our personal wants may come to fruition, while also being aligned with Gods needs, because we truly have been virtuous in our desires and the time is now.

    *wit a lil bit of gold,
    and a pager*


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