i was going to name this post 'watch out', but yesterday i retired from being cheesy. sorry.

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I thought about purchasing the Michael Kors blah blah blah watch -

(I only call it that, because when I googled 'boyfriend watches' the MKwhateveroranother popped up in less than .21 seconds (go Google!). I've never understood why retailers and designers can't just NAME something. It's hard enough remembering my own phone number, let alone the specific number combo to your overpriced piece of metal. Ok. Rant over.)

- so I thought really hard about actually swiping $250 from my savings/checking/credit card accounts to purchase Kors' super trendy watch that sits so big and beautiful on the most petite of wrists, until I actually THOUGHT about how much that damn thing cost.

No. Thanks.

The abover are all fairly affordable alternatives that not only look amazing, but will also allow you to pay your rent this month.

You're welcome.

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