so you think you're a fashion blogger eh?

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I have always hated being called a 'fashion blogger'.

I have nothing against 'fashion bloggers', but I'd like to believe I blog about more than what shows up on Hypebeast or Sea of Shoes. I don't have a million dollars from my parents to spend on ridiculous items I'll only wear for 'ironic' photoshoots, fluttering about in vintage around very 'urban' scenery. I don't care about being in Vogue, or being bothered to be 'seen' at New York fashion week. I don't want to be a model. Or use my 'fashion blog' to get a job with a major magazine.

I'm probably being rude.

I learned a long time ago that somewhere along the line people will always try to put you in a box. Oh, you like posting interesting 'clothes/shoe/accessories' found around the internet and in your home town? FASHION BLOGGER. Is that all I have to be for one simple title? Kill me.

Whatever happened to just enjoying fashion because of design. Or loving art. Or typography. Or photography. Or color theory. Or thinkers, movers, shakers, and the like?

Totally getting this shirt.
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  1. Sea of Shoes ENRAGES me. She just reeks of privilege, and I find her whole thing rather uninventive.

  2. jess.
    her and rumi kill me.

  3. I enjoy rumi and jane. I do love what your say though. For a while I was loosing myself in the hype of blogging. I found myself becoming sad because I felt like my post were going unread so I've decided to take a break from blogging. Im glad I've come across your blog. Your doing a wonderful job doll.



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