horses. bacon. people's cartel, oh my!

[I would have written a longer post, but my lack of sleep is catching up to me. This was just too good NOT to write about.]

I thought this weekend was going to be so boring.
Boy, was I ever wrong.

Here's what went down:
My pal Derrick and I decided to explored the South Side in pursuit of hidden treasures that didn't involve alcohol.
We went into Decade, a boutique that has made me go broke plenty of times.
We found out that Roman the brain behind People's Cartel (favorite!) was screen printing custom shirts for $10.
We left, went to the Gap, and bought some tshirts.
I also found a pair of khaki's for $2.97 (total WIN.)
Went back to Decade.
Got a custom v-neck "I 'Steel' Pittsburgh" tee.

Then things got fun.

Derrick decided to ask Roman of PC if he'd make him two shirts.
One with a horse (no joke), because he happens to like horse shirts a lot.
And the other with the word 'Bacon' on it in honor of Pittsburgh's upcoming Bacon Bash.
After a little coaxing, and even more compliments Roman decided to do it.

Here are the results.
My weekend was awesome.
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