wtf ever happened to magazines?

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No seriously. What happened?

People think I'm joking or exaggerating when I tell them that I've been subscribing to my favorite magazines since I was twelve. They then think I'm weird (or as I like to call it: overly passionate) when I describe in depth the amounts of publications I hoard by stacking them against walls in my bedroom, or how the most exciting part of my month is receiving my glossies in the mail, embracing them as if they were a gift from God himself. You know what, maybe it is a bit weird. In this day and age when instant satisfaction is sought after with more intensity than we're willing to admit, I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise that print media is (big breath)...dying. Or dead. Or whatever stupid state it's in right now, because Lord knows it's not the way it use to be. At all...

But why? When did this start and how in the hell do we make it stop? I'm over blaming the "recession" because lets face it, the recession isn't the only event to blame for complete and total failure. Maybe it was a year ago, but I'm not buying that it caused the steady downfall of print media. I personally blame technology. And people. There, I said it. I'm not completely innocent, trust me, I'm one of the people I'm blaming. It's so much easier to search for a editorial I really want to see on Google or read an article that will supposedly be in the newest issue of NY Magazine right on their website. It takes the mystery away, the excitement; the anticipation is lost. It's so easy for us to get information we want from our favorite magazines without actually having to wait until they hit newsstands. But whatever happened to the feeling you get when you see that editorial in your hands, or read that article over coffee? There's a big difference between viewing something on your laptop and holding that tangible evidence of creativity in your hands.

Or am I the only one that feels this way?
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  1. D, I feel the exact same way. I feel like I am the only one who keeps all my original issues of Vibe or Cosmo Girl, and still love to read print. I love the web too, so why can't everybody else just like both?

  2. I love being able to hold it in my hand, it feels more personal, especially when it comes to fashion editorials and those types of mags. Also, I'm always losing things I find on the internet bcuz im not crazy about bookmarking. But a magazine I can always go back to.


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