where is this couch and why isn't it in my house?

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Hey Ya'll (Britney voice)

Haven't had the strength to blog for awhile, partly because I was feeling a bit under the weather (laryngitis is no hoe), but also because like a menstrual cycle once a month I get bored out of my eye sockets with whatever it is I'm doing, and run to the nearest cave to prioritize and get my shiz together. I'm a Gemini...things like that happen to us very often. Despite my recent self inflicted hibernation (or maybe because of it) I'm back and better than ever (I think).

During my hiatus I started spring cleaning my laptop and found this loveliest upholstered couch I'd forgotten to blog about. As soon as I saw it, I remembered why I loved it. It's ridiculous. Ridiculous as in AWESOME. So ridiculous that it belongs in my home, not for sitting on obviously, but more so for me to stare at in wonderment. This is the couch of my dreams. Sigh....

I'm back...this feels gooooddddd!

1 comment:

  1. this couch is a beauty.
    great find!

    Happy to have found your blog : )

    -Shelby @ NIF


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