someone just paid $42,000 to hang out at vogue.

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Well more like $42,500 to be exact. For a week.

I know that working at Vogue is a highly coveted job for those involved in (and sometimes even out of) the fashion industry, but good LORD. Is Vogue worth that much? Maybe French Vogue, or Vogue Nippon, or any of the other overseas version of the magazine, but in my humble opinion American Vogue isn't worth this much. Maybe I'm wrong, and I'll soon eat my words, but I'm a getting a bit weary of American fashion magazines. Yesterday while reading Harper's Baazar out of the corner of my eye I spotted my worst nightmare; Kim Kardashian naked and "untouched" speaking about what it means to be comfortable in your own skin. Not that anything is wrong with this, I've seen her in many magazines, but the caliber of magazine is very different. It's one thing for a actress, designer, photographer, singer, author, or someone who actually does something to be in those pages, but Kim K? Really? Can someone say grasping for straws? So to sum the ridiculousness up, someone paid a substantial amount of money to hang out at Vogue, meet Anna Wintour, and help out around the office for $42,500, and I'm tired of American fashion mags. That's about it.


  1. Forty-two thousand mother f'ing dollars? Such ridiculous garbage.

  2. i totally agre with you.
    american magazines are so superficial
    not in general, but kind of


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