you know you're ghetto when...

My ghetto and your ghetto may be two different things. My ghetto is of the diamond encrusted grill variety, others may believe it to be something entirely different, but come on now THIS is a ghetto we all can agree on. This house is said to be somewhere in Mexico, and was sent to blog Freshome by an anonymous person who said they found it via Crackbook (facebook to some). I'm almost entirely convinced the person who sent this in is the person who lives in this house. All I have to say to it's inhabitants is NO MAS! [freshome]


  1. What in da hell! LV-ed out to an unacceptable level. This is NOT ok!

  2. LMAO.
    Mexicans like to take their home decor to the next level, I've seen it constantly.

  3. i mean it would be kind of cool to go to a building/house in a downtown area for an after party. i remember when i used to live downtown vancouver b.c. and there were a few LV dumpsters. now that is awesome.

  4. hahaha @jennifer high class dumpsters!


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