rachel roy for macy's.

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I've been waiting impatiently for Rachel Roy to release her collection of goods for Macy's. So impatiently in fact, that I've been scouring the website for months looking for it. Just when I'd given up all hope, I get an email from a friend stating that she's just bought the most amazing accessories from Roy's collection on, you guessed it, Macy's website! Of all the collaborations going on this year, I'm really pleased to say that Rachel Roy went above and beyond any of my expectations. The prices range anywhere from $200 to only $18 with an assortment of shoes, clothing, outerwear, and my favorite accessories. So get over there and start buying before it's all gone!

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  1. Its really great that designer Rachel Roy’s line for Macy's is now available online. LOVE the entire selection.


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