every rose has it's thorn.

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I'm currently involved in a love/hate relationship with Amber Rose. On the one hand I want to love her, I want to be able to give her my heart, I want to be able to melt and cheer her on in every aspect of her rising career. But on the other hand, I don't know, it's hard. I want to laugh at her endeavor to become a runway model, and at the people who forget that her sudden rise to the top had everything to do with who grabs her ass on a regular basis (cough Kanye cough).

When I get into these tug of war battles concerning the phenomenon that is Amber Rose something comes along to push me closer to one side or the other. The last time I got into this conflict it was over her runway debut, which to me seemed like something that would have NEVER happen if she wasn't the ball tickler of choice to Kanye West. That pushed me to the hate side. Now after seeing these pictures from a recent editorial shoot with Amber as the star, I'm being forced to love her. When I say love, I mean LOVE.

Oh Amber...[contributingeditormag]

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  1. I feel you D. I mean I guess we COULD say that she was a video girl before Kanye, but in that case, wasn't she only in "What Them Girls Like"? So, not a very impressive resume. Her personal style is pretty sweet, and thats all her... except now Kanye's the one dropping money for all those clothes.

    Basically, I dont think she's earned anything yet, hope she pays her dues, because I DO like her.

    And yes, the photoshoot is HOT


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