anOther magazine: a decade in style.

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Sometimes I forget that it's almost 2010 and that signifies the end of a decade. For some reason that makes me feel old...hmmm...

AnOther Magazine is celebrating the close of another decade in fashion by pairing this decades most influential designers with the models, musicians, actresses, and muses who inspired their sense of style and personified the brands image. The magazine gave these said models/musicians/muses one outfit from the past 10 years designed by these designers. Think Vivienne Westwood meets Santigold, or Rodarte meets Kirsten Dunst. Cool, right?

Five of the muses were photographed by Hedi Slimane (favorite!) and the other five were photographed by Craig McDean (not my favorite, but he's still awesome).

If you're excited to see this collaboration Dazed Digital has a sneak peek at what's inside this issue of AnOther, but if your anything like me and hoard magazines like it's your job then advance copies of the magazine will be available at Liberty in the UK on September 10th.

That's code for one of my UK friends should email me so I can send you pesos through paypal...Just a thought!

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