she may be a socialite...


I've never been that big a fan of Kim Kardashian. I guess I've never really known what I should be a fan of when it comes to her and her family. Is she a socialite who got famous for having sex with someone? Is she a reality TV star? Is she famous because she was dating a yummy NFL quarterback? Is it because she's really stupidly pretty with an amazing body? Can someone please inform me as to why she's incredibly 'famous'...

I may be foggy as to why this chick is famous, and to be quite honest I'm not even sure I care to figure it out, but in recent months I have become a fan of her stylist Monica Rose, because whether or not we like to admit it, Kim Kardashian knows how to dress for any occasion. Aside from the fact that even on her worst day she probably looks 10 times better than the average woman, Kim's got this amazing talent of dressing in clothes that compliment her figure, something I think every woman should take note of.

Now if only I could get my hands on those ripped jeans she seems to favor so much...

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