an open letter to katya & danielle.

So two of my friends are leaving me. Katya and Danielle are leaving me for greener pastures, gelato, and Italian men. Their going to Florence Italy for a semester abroad, and although I'm super excited for the adventure their getting ready to embark upon, I can't help but me sad because their leaving me behind. It's not jealousy (Ok maybe a little jealousy) but an intense sadness, because the prospect of me seeing them is very slim, damn near non existent. My first intention was to create a movie for them, telling them both how much they mean to me, highlighting the crazy ass events our individual cameras collect on a daily basis, but since the iMovie application on my computer is acting out like a bad ass child on crack, I looked too one of my strengths to express how I feel about them both. So I'm writing a letter...

*clears throat to sound/look/feel important*

Dear Katya & Danielle

I love you. You mean the world to me, no seriously, you do. During my last year at Kent, the year I affectionately call 'My Meltdown' you were there for me in ways not even my life long friends could've been. During sit downs at my house and on my porch, while drinking 40's and smoking illegal things (cough), you allowed me the opportunity to pour my broken and wounded heart into your hands with no judgment. That is something I will never forget and something that can never be replaced by anyone. Ever...

There aren't very many people I consider to be close friends. Dollabill told me once that if I can count my closest friends on one hand, I was much better off than the richest man in the world. He was right (as usual), I counted and I feel like the richest woman on earth by having you both on my one hand, Katya the middle finger and Danielle the pinky.

Even though we've been apart for awhile now, with the occasional once a year visit, I miss you both being constant objects in my life. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't miss your advice, your jokes, and your food card. And although that rift is about to become bigger, I'm confident with the help of a little thing called the internet, and his trusty sidekick Skype, I'll be in Italy with you both. So have fun. Make sure to live it up, eat lots of gelato, take loads of pictures, and Twitter me daily. I'll be waiting here in the U.S. for your safe return. Can't wait to be in NYC with you all for the Spring.

In all seriousness, I don't think even the best writer in the world could describe in words how I feel about both of you. You are some of my best friends. And I don't take that title too lightly...

Love you more than you both will ever know...

Katya is keeping a blog about her overseas adventures appropriately entitled Ambition is the New Black . The trailer for her video blog is to the left on the side bar. Check it out!


  1. aw dee. there's not really anything i can type that can adequately reflect my feelings. but i really appreciate you. more than u'd ever kno! i'm so happy ur in my life. i wish you could come visit us so we could go to amsterdam, and go get...coffee.



    love u too lol

  3. D baby i think your freakin hilarious! and im glad these lovely ladies left such a great impression on you! you guys rock my socks! lol
    Jasmine ~Fashion C.E.O~


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