rappers be emotionial.

I am not a hater. I am a fan, but I'm also a person who is easily annoyed by bullshit. Just like I hope you all are. I know there are a lot of fans of the 1 (or 2) rap artists that I am about to speak on. If you do not like what I am about to say, please leave me a comment as to why you are disgruntled. I love a good debate!

Ok, how do I say this without sounding like a heartless piece of trash...

Kid Cudi is an emotional being...
Kid Cudi is sad sometimes...

Screw it. Kid Cudi is an effing cry baby. I follow him on Twitter because like I stated above, I am indeed a fan of his music. I think his voice and his message are outstanding, and being apart of the starving youth of this world, I identify with his music ten fold. Everyone is a dreamer, including me, so most times I feel what he's saying in his music. Plus he's kind of cute so that just helps the message along..With that being said, as a fan of music in general and as a person who keeps up with pop culture for personal amusement, I believe it is my duty to speak on this. Why? Not because I'm qualified, but more so because this is my blog and I do what I want. Period.

Because I follow Kid Cudi on Twitter, I receive the vast majority of his tweets. Some are fun, some even funny, and sometimes the shit just disturbs me. His reactions to fame, in my opinion are, for lack of a better or smarter sounding word, annoying. His periodic rants on the pitfalls of fame piss me off because he's not THAT famous yet. This is just mile one in a long hard marathon called stardom. If he wants to be anything like his mentor Kanye West, he's really going to have to step up and stop complaining so much.

Tonight's informal bitch session topic with the Cudder was apparently about people who come up to him and ask to be put on. Whether it's through a demo, or a whatever other vice, everyone wants something from Kid Cudi. In ways, I agree with him. There are some people who just look for a hand out, and then there are other people who work for what they have. In this day and age when it's not what you know as much as who you know I can't sympathize with this guy. I believe that everything comes full circle, if I get blessed it's my duty to bless someone else. May be big, and it may be small, but it's my goal to pay it forward.

Someone put you on, isn't that a reason to help someone else out?

I know I'm just an outsider looking into a world that may look glamorous, but in reality is very gruesome. I know that I have no idea what being famous is all about. I know that it's not all about the money, the fame, the clothes, or the girls/boys. I know this. But what I also know is that things could always be worse than they are. I know that artists like Kid Cudi and Wale who complain from time to time about how hard it is to be famous, could always have it harder. They could NOT be famous. They could be one of these nameless, faceless artists who come up to the Kid Cudi's and Wale's of the world at concerts, and on the street trying to make a name for themselves by any means necessary.

People talk so much about how good it was when they were broke, but obviously it wasn't that great if you were pushing so hard to make it big. But I digress...I'll leave you and them with this question:

Whatever happened to being grateful?

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  1. HAHAHAH ohhh D.
    Articulate as ever. Such a pleasure to read your words. "How do I say this without sounding like a heartless piece of trash..."

    They need to think about what it what be if they were completely on yeezy's level and dealing with papparazzi like HE does. I mean, really?

    And paying it forward, it's the way to go if you ask me. He needs to get off his high horse. scratch that, he ain't that famous yet. get off that high ass PONY he's on.


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