lily x uncle karl make magical yummyness.


Please excuse the misspelling of yummyness in the title. I didn't learn how to spell such complicated words at the overpriced college I attended. Moving on...

A couple weeks ago, I say a small candid shot of Lily Allen's advertising campaign for a new Chanel handbag line 'Chanel Coco Cocoon' (tongue twister much?), and now via Trend.Land we all can marvel at the final product. The campaign was shot by every fashionistas favorite uncle Karl Lagerfeld, and shows Lily in fingerless gloves, very tailored garments, and fabulous tiaras!


  1. I saw this today! Not how I feel about the colors of the collection, but the black looks nice. I love Lily as spokesmodel =)

  2. i loves it! but i still do not get...why lily allen...maybe only english will realise this...but she is common as hell!!! maybe im just jealous.


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