the diary of: Sarah Morrison.


Sarah Morrison is my favorite blogger. Ever.

I learned about Sarah Morrison's existence through a tiny little magazine called Missbehave. Actually, my friend Katya gave me a nudge in the Missbehave blog direction, because she had been reading Sarah's daily musing and thought that with my obnoxious personality, I'd like her too. She was right in so many ways. So I started reading the magazines blog little by little, and Sarah started standing out as my favorite more and more. Within a months time, I was certifiably obsessed with the magazine, quoting with Katya the ridiculous things she would write. Yes, I was in love, with Missbehave and the love of my internet life, Sarah Morrison.

My favorite Sarah Morrison memory has nothing to do with what she's written, but more to do with the type of person she is. Before my last trip to New York last October, I was prompted (or rather encouraged) to contact Sarah, to see what was happening in the city the week we were due to be there. Not only did she facebook me with her direct email address, but when I emailed her my questions, she emailed me right away and even offered to meet up with my friends and I if her schedule permitted. This may seem small to some, but it was big for my friends, but especially to me.

Sometimes bloggers can seem like celebrities to their readers, and in some instances the bloggers who are successful (and some who are not), forget that they are normal people just like their readers. Not sure if that made sense, but this will: Sarah Morrison is a great writer, an even better blogger, and an awesome person. In my opinion that is all that matters.

I recently had the opportunity to ask Sarah a few (ok, QUITE a few) questions about her journey and her hustle. After your done reading up, I'm sure you'll love her just as much as I do.
DEE: Tell me a little about yourself. Where you hail from, past and present employment what you do now.
SARAH: I was raised by two hilarious and crazy parents in Boston, Massachusetts. I have a degree in Early Childhood Education and Human Development as well as half my Master's done in Social Work which most don't know. I never planned to leave Boston for good. But one day I did. And I'm glad I did. I moved to Los Angeles for grad school. I didn't like the program. I dropped out. I reevaluated my life. I'd never had a retail job or waitressed or anything like that. Since I had gotten working papers at 15, I did day care and such. I taught. I did social work type jobs. Then I decided I wanted to try a meaningless job. And American Apparel was hiring. From there I got a job as a hostess at a nightclub in LA called Cinespace. I worked in the office during the day as a door girl at night. From there I started throwing my own parties....

At some point along the way, I started writing down all the funny things that happened in my day. Things people said, customer interactions, hilarious musings. At the end of each week, I compiled them and wrote a blog called Sarah Morrison's Best Week Ever. It was a quick read. Usually 10-15 bullet point formatted musings. It was funny. People enjoyed it. It evolved as I evolved. My writing got tighter. The stories and characters changed as my life did. People enjoyed it. I began doing these video blogs as well. I would pick a silly topic and sort of pretend it baffled me beyond belief and list the half serious reasons why. The videos are not for people who aren't particularly bright nor was the blog. Nor is anything I do. Unfortunately that's 99 percent of the population. Those people think I'm serious. It's lost on them. Those people bum me out.

I left LA to pursue writing legitimately. There wasn't a lot of that at the time in LA. Plus I was burned out on the party shit. I lived in Philly for a brief period doing the Urban Outfitters blog. Philly got old fast. From there I wanted to move to New York and I wanted to work at a magazine. And I wanted to work at Missbehave. I emailed Samantha Moeller. I told her who I was, what I did, how obsessed I was with Missbehave and by the end of the day I had a meeting with her and Mary set up. They brought me on to run the blog and write for the magazine. It was the greatest experience of my life to date. I didn't even need to make friends, the smartest funniest girls in all of New York were sitting next to me all day in my office. I learned how a magazine worked. I tightened up my writing. I legitimized myself. I believed in what we were doing. We all did. And what's what a job should be. I miss it still. I cry a lil sometimes when I talk about it. So I'm glad we are typing.

Missbehave folded. I was over New York and wanted to move back to LA. So i did that. Volcom approached me. They wanted to start a blog to sort of mirror the lifestyle of the girl who wears there clothes. They thought I was the girl to do it. The content is similar to that of the Missbehave blog, since it's simply my thoughts on blast. But it's going well. Yall should check it out.

I do and always have done marketing stuff on the side too. I think people can tell that. Companies, services, brands hire me to PR them through my writing. It's a little more lucrative then the professional blogger bit as I am sure one might guess.

DEE: How did you get started in the blogging business and how long have you been at it?
SARAH:I started that Best Week Ever blog in 2005. The reception to that has been and still is amazing. I stopped doing it a couple months ago after the website I wrote it for was short on cash. Now I sort of just do "it" all day long on Twitter. Over the years I have written for a bunch of websites and magazines as well. But it was that Best Week Ever thing that got me here. Do what you love for free and if you do it well the money will come. And it did and still does.

DEE: What was your motivation for starting your blog Sarah's Electronic Blog Ride?
SARAH: $$$$$$$

DEE: Who's your core audience (age, occupation, stuff like that)
SARAH: It's girls. It's girls usually in high school or college some a lil older. Even as I get older, the audience doesn't change. I'm not sure what that says about me.

DEE: If I asked a friend of yours to describe you, what would they say?
SARAH: Crazy, funny, fun, fashionable, emotional, pretty, and TV.

DEE: Who are some of your favorite bloggers?
SARAH: I really don't read the blogs. I can't. I don't want to rip anyone off and I don't want to know who's ripping me off. I write without reading. Keeps the content original.

DEE: What do you write about the most for your blog? Gossip, celebrities, fuckery?
SARAH: I used to write a lot about my personal life. But that's gotten hard for the people involved in my life. So I've stepped back from that. Usually timely pop culture stuff or less invasive personal stuff about my life.

DEE: If you could write a guest post for any blog what would that blog be?
SARAH: I stopped reading Jezebel when I started at Missbehave because I didn't want to overlap on content or at least be aware I was overlapping on content. But Jezebel definitely.

DEE: Can you give me a link to your favorite blog post you've done. Doesn't have to be a very popular one, just your favorite.
SARAH: Will you pick one? This task is stressing me out.

Sarah's Purse Exposed by Olivia Alin (it's about Sarah, so it's the same thing.)

DEE: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
SARAH: I used to want my own magazine. I still do. We are at a shitty time right now for magazines. We are all playing this waiting game to see how they will evolve with technology. My dream of becoming Jane Pratt unfortunately seem a little unattainable right now. I have no idea. It sucks. Maybe a book? But those seems to be falling off too these days. Maybe ITT tech? JK!

DEE: Any specific tips you have for new bloggers who want to make it in the blogosphere?
SARAH: Write! Write with all your lil heart. Write well. Write stuff no one is writing. Be yourself. Write about stuff you love, not things you think you should love. People can tell when you are faking it. (Believe me I have tried.) If you are watching College Hill write about watching College Hill. Don't try to talk about the new Girl Talk record you don't care about. Don't worry about being cool. Be honest. Be real. Be original. Never stress out about your traffic and your comments. If you write it...they will come.

DEE: What does the future hold for you and your blog
SARAH: I have a bunch of new shit coming my way. I don't want to jinx it. So for now, keep reading the Volcom blog. Woo Hoo. And follow me on Twitter. My Twitter is often more entertaining that the other shit.

Well that's it, stay tuned for more of my interviews with my favorite bloggers. And get hip to Sarah Morrison below!


  1. All Hail Miss Morrison! Sarah is the illest...

    Thank you for posting this, it certainly made my morning and most likely will make the rest of my day.

  2. fix your typos!

  3. i think it's funny that she thinks her writing is getting tighter. it's not.

  4. yay internet haters! wooo!

  5. i bet the last anonymous commenter had a very satisfied smirk on their face when they hit "post comment". what a peen hole. how does one who is not a fan of sarah morrison even end up here writing in this little box..

  6. Nice Interview, I definitely took some things outta this bad boy and tucked them up my sleeve.

  7. Sarah's stupid. JK. Love her, mean it.

  8. no one i know even knows who sarah morrison is (unless i gush to them about her!) i discovered this blog by accident, but i love it. thanks for this awesome post!

  9. Sweet interview. This girl is awesome.

  10. She uses a lot of slang, Twitter type abbreviations, and LOLCAT. It's not typos.

    People think she's spelling it all wrong?

    That gives me the LOLZ.

    Those are prolly the dumb peoples she was talking about.

  11. typo

    "there clothes"

  12. typo "unfortunately seem a little unattainable right now"

  13. typo: "But those seems to be falling off too these days."

    This is fun! Tight writing?

  14. just found your blog!
    looove it.

  15. thanks for 'anonymously' posting your concern mr anonymous. the typo's are recognized and are NOT going to be dealt with. If you have a problem with the content of this blog or with Sarah Morrison herself then you probably shouldn't be here.

    Thanks for commenting everyone (and i mean that seriously)!



  17. RAW/REAL/UNCUT! ppl just h8n. fuck 'em.

    dee - you've conducted quite the interview! great job girl (:

    sarah - i want to hold you like a little new born child! in a motherly way, not post sex way.

  18. hahahaha post sex! LMAO thanks j money!

  19. yay sarah!! she's def on the role model list but way above nancy botwin! and mr. anon can suck a big fat dry one geez. stop being an ocd copy editor and live a little.

  20. it was just a email. i didn't hire a cope editor :(

  21. Dee,,
    this interview was illllll. Sarah, keep doing what you do.! Because you do it well.!
    And Dee, you're just taking your shit to the next level. I'm proud. <3

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