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I'm not entirely too sure when I first stumbled on LOUDream, but I do remember the first thing I thought about. As cheesy as it may sound, I thought: "I'M HOOOOOMMMMEEEE". No seriously, I did, and do you want to know why? Because being a fan/stalker of the world wide web and all it's counterparts, I had yet to find a small space where the author(s) shared my love for contemporary art, music, fashion, and travel. On a daily basis my brain and I had to travel to numerous websites all of which only encompassed one or two of these topics, never the whole sha-bang. So finding LOUDreams was a dream come true. I visit that little corner of heaven on a daily basis, and never ever EVER get sick of it. I'm grateful to that blog, because a lot of the content I write about for JENESIS Magazine, my writing portfolio, and sometimes pitch to M.I.S.S. has been directly inspired by Joseph and Shakib's work with LOUDreams.

I've thought about conducting this interview for awhile now. When I first started this series I made a list of blogs and people who inspire me to be a better writer and a better observer of life, not surprisingly LOUDreams made it in into the top 5. So after gaining the courage (read: BALLS) to reach out the Shakib and Joseph, I was very surprised at the amount of time it took for at least one of them to get back in touch with me. This amount of time being about 20 minutes (I know right, HOW COOL!). It never ceases to amaze me the luck I have at getting amazing people to give me insight into how and why they do what they do. Shakib and Joseph are one of a kind bloggers, for sure. They're the breed that care about their readers, and actually want to hear from them. You don't find that too often, but whenever I do, I'm loyal.

I'm done talking (or rather typing?), onto the juicy stuff. It's a good one, thank me laterrrrr!

Tell me a little about yourselves and how LOUDreams came about.

: I'd like to say that we are young motivated adults who are fascinated and inspired by creativity in all spectrum's. LOUDreams was fertilized and grown (and still growing) off of a midnight thought that I (Joseph) had about a year ago. It came to me as a small idea of something that seemed fun and "cool" to do. Being an avid fan of the world wide web and certain blogs, I had yet to see one incorporate all aspects of everything extraordinary. Don't get us wrong though, we are not just your common website, we are planning some amazing things for the future, taking one baby step at a time.

What was your motivation for starting LOUDreams and how long have you been at it?
S/J: You basically see everyone take that certain same old road, we wanted to start something new, something fun, and something for many people to be excited about. I think Shak and I share that same idea. We do this more for the people then ourselves even though we highly enjoy it.

Do you have a core audience? If so, who is the audience (age, occupation etc) and if not what kind of people would you like LOUDreams to attract?
S/J: Our viewers are pretty interesting. We have our good core of 16-30 year olds who enjoy the entire website but then we have a community of older adults who love the design, photography and art posts. Our fans, whatever age they are, are awesome. Any and everyone who is ready to take a dose of yumminess is welcome to the LOUDreams world.

There are all sorts of topics that get addressed on your website. Whats your favorite topic to write about for LOUDreams?

S: I enjoy the whole music aspect of things. I like to paint pictures with my words, so when I am capable of reviewing my favorite artists' concerts I can't help but to get geeky.

J: The art post are always different, always refreshing, and amazing to discover.

I know you guys feature a lot of art on LOUDreams, far more than any other blog I've seen other than maybe Kanye's blog. Who are your favorite artists or projects you've featured on the website?
S: Art is the whole idea behind our vision because we feel that everything we post is art. Personally, I am a big fan of music and the videos. So, I'll answer this a bit differently. I am a big fan of BB Gun, the director of Christian Rich's Famous Girl, KANYE WEST (Not the 'Hip Hop Artist,' the ARTIST). I feel that Lupe and Kanye are 2 of the few that realize music is an art and they constantly make art for art's sake.

J: I am a big fan of David Choi's graffiti work, that man risks his own lively hood to make these phenomenal wall murals, have you seen his documentary? Making artwork out of his own blood? Yeah, I know, crazy! And then there are other artists like Jo Hamilton who created crochet artwork, which I thought was splendid. Every artist we put up we definitely enjoy, that's why it's up.

I've noticed that you all seem to favor (or at least post) brands that boast a very clean aesthetic. Are their any brands or designers you're particularly fond of?
S: I am a big fan of Triumvir, FiveFour, GStar, and 3Sixteen... They should send me some samples of clothing ;D.

J: The funny thing is we do like the more simple and clean looking aesthetics but my favorite designer is outgoing Thom Browne and his creative designs.

What blogs do you read on a regular basis? And do you generate ideas from those said blogs, for LOUDreams?
S:I am a big... HUGE fan of Street Etiquette, HypeBeast, Kanye, Nahright and KiD CuDi. I like 2DopeBoyz, but they don't filter enough. I feel like they put everyone on. My motto is Scarcity Determines Value. We like to put the best of the best.

J: Coute de Coute is a favorite. Jeff Hamada's booooooom.com is fun. Egotastic is sexy. Gizmodo is a necessity, it feeds my iPhone hunger, Hypebeast is great, your great.

S: And hell yeah we do. Those blogs I mentioned above are great at what they do, Street Etiquette especially. I feel like we all need to meet and take over the Blog-Sphere haha.

In 5 years where do you see yourself and LOUDreams?
S: In 5 years... You'll see. There are a great many things in the works. But... We will always maintain our 'Grass Root' mindset. E-Mail and you'll get an answer. If you don't it's because I accidentally forgot to respond. To any of those people... Sorry and get back on your email and hit 'Re-Send.' Please and Thank you.

In a couple sentences please let my readers know why they should check out LOUDreams everyday like I do.
Man... You should just check it out and decide for yourselves. If you like it, know that we'll be doing it everyday. And, if you don't like it know that we'll still be doing it everyday. And, please email us with any suggestions to make it better.

Who are some of your favorite bloggers? If you have any, express why they are your favorites.
KiD CuDi because its brushing the surface of being his journal. Its a good and honest perspective of the industry. STREET ETIQUETTE Too. Those guys are 'old souls,' with an amazing sense of fashion.

J: I respect Jeff Hamada's art and photography posts, he keeps it simple, finds the best, posts the best, and is always active in the art, design, and fashion world. I definitely respect Kanye's blog, he post what he likes, he doesn't say much unless he's flustered, but his content is always on point. I highly love the people who work at acidolatte.blogspot.com, they, by far, post the best artist and artwork on the web, I don't know them personally but it is damn amazing.

If you could write a guest post for any blog what would that blog be?
Mannn...I would love to guess post on your blog... Shout out to TheDiaryofaBROKEcollegeStudent.blogspot.com

J: Diary of a Broke College Student, did you even have to ask...? (GOOD ANSWER GUYS!!)

If you could trade places with anyone in the world who would it be?
I'd trade places with only my mother or father, so I could understand what it means to be in love.

J: These questions are so difficult! Ryan Paraiso, our head writer for the website is in New York for vacation, I need a vacation so I pick him.

What, in your opinion, is the best thing about living in LA?
LA is a beast. I hate and love living here. It's great because it is an exercise of the mind. You have to be able to read people and understand their motives. It helps build your understanding of character. So, to answer your question... The best part of LA is being able to communicate with an immense number of people.

J: The best of everything, you got the beach, the girls, the nightlife, the day life. Can I say that everything happens in L.A.?

In your opinion, what makes a good blog/website.
I don't know haha.

J: A good concept, simplicity in regards of website layout and design.

Any advice for less experienced bloggers out there?
Don't let the inexperience stop you. Fuck getting your feet wet, take some chances and belly flop into life's ocean.

J: It's all about content, content, content, the more you have, the more will come.

If you could own one item right now, what would that be? (Money is no option)
Could I own love? Trust? I'd love to own the rights to word 'swagger.' Its used too frequently. Back in the days swagger would describe a James Dean, a Dean Martin, a Sammy Davis Jr., a Muhammad Ali, a Michael Caine.... Should I continue? Stop throwing away the emphasis of beautiful words. Stop telling everyone in the world you love them because its not true. When you tell an acquaintance you love him/her it takes away from when you say I Love You to your mother or significant other.... Cherish your words.

J: A fuel efficient car would be nice.

Air Jordan 1's or Air Yeezy's.
Air Jordan 3s! Haha. I need to be able to play hoops in my kicks. I can't hoop in Yeezy's or the 1s.

J: Air Jordan's, why..? because I'm not an alien. respect to Kanye for getting out his dreams and I love his work, don't get me wrong, but I don't share his dreams nor that kind of style... God I hope he doesn't read that.

Favorite article of clothing.
My underwear! I hate it when I forget to do laundry and have to go free. Haha. I love all my clothes equally, but I appreciate my underwear the most.

J: Umm wristwatches, cause I'm one of those guys who say creative things for the hell of it.

Favorite song or favorite artist.
Lupe Fiasco... KiD CuDi - The Prayer is constantly on repeat with The FuthaMuckas - Dance Like She Used To, H.O.P.E. - Nightlife II, U-N-I - Land of The Kings and AJ Alexander - How Does It Feel? That CD has been ultra-durable in my whip.

J: I can't pick a favorite song, I think for me it changes everyday, but a band or artist I truly admire for their creativity and work ethic is definitely Radiohead, they have been consistently great in a world where no one can be consistently anything... side note: I have recently become highly disgusted with everything on the radio, the music that our youth is requesting over and over again makes me sick, it's terrifying for our generation. There is only so much LMFAO a man can take.


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