you ain't know?

So there's a bunch of things I see on a daily basis that want to express my feelings about, but seeing as there are only 24 hours in a day and not 48 like I originally thought, I decided to compile a list of links so that you all can check the stuff out for yourself.

H&M is about to set it off in the Fall. I can't fuggin wait. Can you? [Link]

Christina Milliblonde & The Nightmare, I mean, The Dream are officially getting hitched. Let us all pray. [Link]

Camel Hump oh, wait rather Beyonce knows how to ride a bike. WHO KNEW! [Link]

Rihanna won't be on the cover of Vogue like everyone thought. I guess you can't be naked to make it. [Link]

Can I be this girl for like a day. Or maybe a lifetime? [Link]

How cool is this jacket? [Link]

One of my favorite blogs right now [Link]

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  1. yeah I peeped that on trenddoll too, that belted cardigan is fire! some of those pieces need to be in my life!


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