look who grew up.

I'm a Harry Potter STAN. And by stan I mean crazy obsessed 12 year old, trapped in a 23 year old body who has pre-ordered and waited in lines FOR ALL the books with other Harry Potter obsessed 9 year olds. Yea it gets crazy over here, but I don't care.

So I got this little surprise this morning via The Cut of Emma Watson, (also known by us HP fans as the beloved Hermione Granger) is the face of Burberry's Fall/Winter campaign. How awesome does she look? I swear, her and Dakota Fanning are growing up to be poised fabulous young women. Is it selfish of me to want them to stay young forever? I feel old now...

Hermione? Is that YOU?!?!


  1. emma watson can get it...

  2. She can get it and I don't even like white girls like that.


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