topshop usa.

If you aren't completely aware of what exactly TopShop is, that's alright. Its been hiding in the UK for years now, so I don't blame you. But if you're a fashionista worth your weight you know that TopShop is better than H&M, Forever XXI, and all other cheapish, hip, clothing stores combined. I've been buying items from their UK site for about a year now, and although it can get a bit on the expensive side (our US dollar blows), I always get compliments on my TopShop grabs.

TopShop was suppose to be opening their US location last I heard in October. It was the same weekend of the Teen Vogue Fashion U thing I went too, so it was awhile ago. Of course complications were seen so they pushed back the opening until April 2nd. If you're in NYC around that time, be sure to check out TopShop!

Here are some of my favorites from a sneek peek they gave to NY Magazine:


  1. haha ohmygosh....sign me up. top shop is like all the good shit COMBINED. good lookin out D. :)

  2. MATE! If you are after those structured suade blue/ black gold trim heels - good luck lol! they sold like hot cakes over here, and i went in topshop today and they ha ONE PAIR LEFT in lilac! those shoes are too hot. they are unbelievable. they are the queen of high street shoes.

    and topshop is WAY over priced here too. I hardly go in, because it is too expensive!!


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