is this every man's dream?

I can't tell you how many times I have heard that Amber 'Kanye's ball tickler' Rose is every man's dream. WTF?! Whats even more bizarre are the reasons. The fuckery is listed below.
1) She's thick. Period
2) She's 'fresh/fierce/swagtastic'
3) She's got a pretty face
4) She's been with a woman therefore she's daring in the bedroom
5) She's a former stripper therefore she's flexible in the bedroom
6) She's EXTRA thick

I'm just wondering if this is what I need to be in order to get a man. Smh...


  1. haha um, good point. the women we regulars gotta measure up to.....

  2. haha RIGHT??!?!??! I'm not tryn be a stripper though...

  3. i figured this is the reason I will end up being a old rich maid. emphasis on rich.

  4. HA! Who came up with the list?
    I agree on all points though, look at that damn backside. UH!


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