st. alcoholics day.

Today in Pittsburgh was St. Alcoholics Day...I mean, St. Patrick's Day. This is the day when people lose their damn minds.

My friend and fellow coworker Nour and I decided to go downtown and watch what kind of fuckery would pop off. There's too much to document here, but just know...PEOPLE ARE FUCKING CRAZY.

Here's pictures to document the day. Hope you likey =)

Getterrrr done.
Gang bangers.
She tried to take my green beer away. Grrrrr...
Finally a pretty pic =)

There was WAY more pics, but it's too much to put up here. Their all of facebook, if you want to be friends leave it in the comment box =)


  1. it was actually quite yummy!

  2. im diggin yahh jacket D., I'd love to be wearin jackets of the such kind, but unfortunately out here in PHX, it's kinda out the question now this time of year.


  3. girl i WISH we had that problem! it's almost april and it's still freezing lol


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